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Introducing a highly anticipated new project from one of Canada’s most engaging producers – TAE delivers ten stunning original tracks, and rightfully continues the elevation of the InNeon name.

Exploding into life with the euphoric and soulful intensity of Awake, a contrastingly dreamy soundscape and fast-paced drops meet with delicate vocals for a profound and poetic venture.

Immediately the listener is embraced by the music, the evolving presence of these atmospheric layers, and all at once InNeon provides the heavy dance track, the hypnotically calming escapism, and the recognisable traits of melody and detail required for an unmistakable style.

Already amassing thousands of streams for the sheer grip of its finely crafted electronic composition, TAE draws focus to a global love for original, contemporary yet well-rooted dance music.

Consider the softness and breathy intimacy of Rising, the indulgent and alluringly warped bass line, the Enya-esque peacefulness of the vocals. As ever, the title suits the mood, and rising anticipation soon overwhelms as the track increasingly finds its still mellow yet uplifting flow.

The eclecticism between tracks is impressive on TAE, InNeon’s versatility works its magic thanks to marks of identity and creative freedom combined.

Neverland mixes things up further still, an electro-pop single of sci-fi-esque intricacies and long-form lyrical reflections and story-telling. Here we get a catchy hook, changing vocal pace, and an overall sense of quirky character that leans in a whole new direction.

Then to follow, distorted electric guitar and subtle riff-work sets a soul-rock vibe for a mighty and mesmerising Stay. After which, the contemporary hip hop and pop stylings of House Of Cards feels like a completely unexpected twist. There’s no limit to the reach of a producer uniting talent, professionalism and passion for music in all of its forms, and that’s what InNeon brings to the scene with TAE and indeed his catalogue in full.

Featuring a handful of vocalists amidst an already comprehensive collection, TAE incorporates natural world elements and organic instrumentation as much so as finely crafted electronic layers of otherworldly presence. I’m Not Ready celebrates all of this, and offers a cool, lower-toned vocal lead for further dynamic.

The latter half also brings through the happy hardcore classic sound of I Know, and the trip-hop charm and reverb-soaked contemplation of Lost In The Blue – a personal favourite for the unique voice and the fine productional balance between darkness and beauty.

With Run, InNeon exercises freedom of artistry to boldly cinematic levels, captivating listeners with retro tones and intrigue across over four minutes of melodic and distorted exploration. That title magic works well again, the song increasingly provoking a sense of movement – the perfect accompaniment to that quick sprint or long run. The drama of the drum-line, the darkness, the optimism, the drop in and the vastness of possibilities.

To finish, classic dance-pop sees Wonders round things off with similarly euphoric warmth to the opener. The track is intimate yet dance-floor ready, and weaves in another subtle yet striking hook. Another ideal choice for either the end of the night of the very start of a long day.

InNeon’s uninhibited, multi-genre approach raises the bar consistently, and TAE marks an unmissable elevation of those qualities – a timeless new project that refuses to loosen its audience grip throughout.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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