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InNeon Guilty Pleasures


Building up beautifully and with a fine fusion of sci-fi sound-design and ambient, immersive euphoria, InNeon kicks off a three-track EP Guilty Pleasures with the gorgeously reflective, thoughtful and emotive Static Love.

Enter a swirling ocean of synths, bright and colorful yet tinged with uncertainty as vocal fragments lay bare hints of a story-line. Then we get the weight of a classic, retro eighties-style drum-line, a new melodic lead, and multiple layers of detail that all work towards crafting this ever-evolving, consistently engaging audio journey.

As a producer, the style of InNeon is clear and recognizable, and indeed as a composer – these three tracks work hard to introduce a thoughtful, passionate and consistently interesting manner of musical story-telling. The latter half of Static Love feels like a few pages have turned since the beginning, yet this shift is never too out there to feel irrelevant – far from it.

There’s a definite sense of intention to all three songs, Pretty Baby hitting with more of that nostalgia and a welcomed dose of distortion. The drum sound in particular strikes with superb intensity, and the contrasting lightness of the synths, the vocal melody, all works to create a vast and enveloping arena.

At the final hurdle, Could I furthers the familiarity but offers a completely new realm in terms of the mood and build-up. Here we get an intriguing sense of the unknown, a soulful touch of sax-like leading melody, and a brilliant groove overall that allows for an again emotive, immersive listening experience. The vocals are kept fairly minimal within the mix, these lyrical ideas lingering for their simple contemplation and poetry.

Guilty Pleasures is perhaps everything its title represents but nothing like you might imagine. It’s a pristinely produced, rather immaculate journey through electronic composition and human thought, and it works brilliantly to enhance your mood and energy when listened to at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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