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InNeon Anomaly


Setting you up with a synth down-pour designed for and dedicated to uplifting audiences into the euphoric electronic warmth of pure energy, InNeon’s new album is as poetically compelling as it is musically immersive, and it makes for a stunning listen.

From the opener City Nights, the quality of the sound is clear – pristine production, from the overall finish to the finer details and intricacies. But that’s not all, soon we get the project’s first feature – a mighty vocal lead from David Luke, injecting more of that eighties-esque driving anthem aura, offering up an infectious melodic backbone and lyrical optimism for listeners to connect with and ride the synth wave alongside of. What a great way to start an album.

Little Hero follows and the cinematic sound design takes a step in a different direction. Taking its time to envelop you, the track leads with spacious riffs and heavy bass, as Morna’s nostalgic vocal guides you through the story. This one feels like the big scene in the movie, the moment of change and overcoming – let your imagination roam free as the music plays.

Switching gears again for a truly versatile playlist, Big showcases a hip hop sentiment with a steady, slightly haunting rhythm and design, and confident, poetic features from Rep and DZAN.

Then there’s the somewhat medieval melodic tone of Paper Plane, laying bare a simpler, 8-bit style of production, and another melodic outpouring that quickly satisfies. Great bass-work and a strong use of contrast – clear calling cards of InNeon’s.

During the latter half, Alleyway keeps the nostalgia strong with a big beat and simple, catchy riff reminiscent of the Stranger Things soundtrack. An instrumental journey that’s unpredictable and tells its own story.

Coffee In The Machine follows and we’re led by organic piano for a real twist in set-up and mood. Arpeggiation and softness meet with a raw, live-style performance that’s beautifully well-placed within the collection. A stylish and minimalist alt-pop song comes in as things evolve. The eclecticism of the album shines brightly.

We then get a touch of topically relevant with a conceptually provocative and poignant The Figure – a heavy song, piano-led again and with fragments of news reports and a subsequent rap vocal that captivates for its poetic detailing and the powerful unity between voice and music. A definite highlight for the bold way in which it captures and maintains attention.

Summerwave wraps things up with a multi-layered vocal soundscape and a tumbling drumline into what proves a well-titled closing track – designed to inspire a sense of anticipation for the upcoming summer months.

The title of this project intrigues, the concept of an Anomaly drawing interest for its vast potential, though really the main thread seems to be the sheer difference between tracks. Even with variety though, there are clear traits to InNeon’s production style and creativity, which means that Anomaly in full is an album that’s consistently entertaining yet also consistently in tune with its own sound and vibe. A pleasure to let play.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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