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Imani Wj Wright Consistency


Imani Wj Wright’s latest releases have a beautifully soulful energy that just oozes classic r&b and mellow jazz vibes. There’s something sublime about the sound that makes it undeniably easy to relax to, and for an artist who may be a new discovery to some listeners, the music comes through as instantly satisfying in its presentation of good vibes and in his unique take on songwriting.

Consistency is a smooth and sultry, down-tempo song, which offers up an easy going atmosphere – fusing a little nostalgia with something distinctly fresh. The sound for the most part comes through as fairly minimal, the soundscape is laid out by means of a few, simple instrumental moments, and this is all that’s needed. There’s an incredible warmth and depth to the sound, the bass fills out the backdrop in the way that classic jazz or soul music from way back when always did, and the beat offers a lightly uplifting rhythm that surrounds you with positive energy. There are intermittent snippets of saxophone seductively placed within the mix, performed by the multi talented artist himself, and this adds further to the sultry and smooth, organic realness of the whole piece.

Imani Wj Wright’s voice is blissful to listen to. The soul that comes through seems almost effortless, so natural to the singer, and the performance throughout brings a series of creatively free instances within which he simply expresses the emotion of the moment beautifully. The ambiance of the piece is hypnotic, and the artist’s leading voice enhances this and drives the essence of the track and its concept along with superb relevance. The title and concept are equally fresh, offering a new perspective, a new string of ideas, and a stunning array of musicality that makes for a peaceful and memorable listening experience.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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