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Ice Cxld Face The Mirror (Prod. Jx7es )


Multi-instrumentalist and rapper Ice Cxld leads with a uniquely melodic manner of sound design and songwriting with this beautiful new single.

Not only is Face The Mirror composed to a pristine and engaging quality, but the underlying concept is one of personal depth, reflection and honesty, and these traits united make for something that hits with classic, compelling impact.

The set-up of the song is superb, a few simple building blocks – the organic guitar riff, the optimism, the light beat and that easily memorable hook melody. Even to only hear this in the backdrop to your day, it feels like a radio-ready success – with just enough purity and openness to appeal to a slightly more thoughtful audience.

By the time that hook rolls around for its second appearance, the song already feels like a long-lost hit from a simpler time. Fuse that with Ice Cxld’s notably characterful vocal tone and style, his fearlessness regarding truth, admitting pain and vulnerability, and you get something that connects in an addictive and quickly recognisable fashion.

Brilliant, encouraging self-reflection, self-improvement and a belief in better, alongside a quickly enjoyable, infectious hit of contemporary music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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