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IAMREBELWILL Til the Sun Comes Down


IAMREBELWILL raises the bar beautifully with this latest release. Showcasing a stunning vocal style from the offset, and a soundscape and performance that gradually and artistically gather momentum and intensity throughout, Til The Sun Comes Down is as smoothly hypnotic as it is hard-hitting and energizing. It’s a track that aims high from the start and never fails to meet the mark. IAMREBELWILL has an exciting sound right now, a uniquely creative, expressive and refreshing approach to alternative pop and RnB, and this song is a superb testament to that.

Til The Sun Comes Down is a gorgeous piece of music and performance, the opening moments draw you in with the pure passion of that leading vocal. The artist somehow manages to offer both delicacy and grit with his delivery, meandering through these notes with absolute soul and genuine emotion. It’s a classic style of singing in many ways, inspired by the greats, but it’s also soaked in something undeniably original.

As an artist, IAMREBELWILL drives with creativity, passion, and professionalism – in every way. While the vocal is flawless, this takes nothing away from the strength of the soundscape. The music is as expressive and artistic as anything else. It works in unison with the lyrics and the human voice to create something that presents its underlying sentiments and energy in every way possible. For all of these reasons, the song stands out by a mile among its peers.

Listen at volume for the full effect, and look out for the longer project The Confessions of a Broken Man later on this year.

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