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IAMMAG Sweet Love


Catchy riff-work sets an organic, reflective mood before an arena of dreamy, melodic vocals and a heavy trap rhythm emerge for an emotive, passionate and catchy Sweet Love.

Lancaster, PA’s IAMMAG drives with intention and intimacy throughout a classic verse and contemporary hook – blending the sound of yesteryear with a wash of modern effects for a true hit of versatility and relevance united.

Consistently focused on its topic, Sweet Love tells a story that’s relatable yet personal – you can feel the truth, the familiarity, but it’s also detailed enough to seem authentic, and you can hear this in the tone and the overall mood and energy of the completed track.

Great production, likeable and aptly emotional, crisp and clean yet warm and immersive. The verses work beautifully to dig into the details of the relationship at play, and the hook resolves well with a comforting, familiar yet fitting and softly soulful ode to the outcome. Nicely crafted.

Download or stream Sweet Love here from September 3rd. Check out IAMMAG on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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