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I, Symptom Triple Exclamation Mark


I, Symptom’s newest release Triple Exclamation Mark bursts into action with an intense and infectious vocal hook, complete with iconic, electronic rock distortion and supporting wall of sound to really make it shine.

The track has an element of everything we’ve come to know and love from I, Symptom, yet it seems that in this case there is an influx of lyricism. There’s barely a vocal-free moment, and so you find yourself all at once immersed in the energy of the piece and simultaneously trying to catch and pick out every word and every idea. It’s a superbly high energy track, the sound is thick yet intricate in detail, and in addition to this the vocal rhythm and melody is the sort that lingers in your mind for quite some time afterwards.

The brilliance of I, Symptom lies partly in the artist’s ability to vary so much from the expected or predictable path, yet all the while remain in harmony with the essence of his sound and what it is that fans have come to know him for. The energy is on point in this case, intense and even hyper – the track provides a full on few minutes of music and is likely to leave even the laziest of listeners feeling the need to get up and go do something. The best kind of music has a lasting effect on it’s audience, and that’s exactly what you get from I, Symptom, consistently, though always in the form of something new and impossible to predict.

Triple Exclamation Mark actually sounds exactly as you might expect the concept of the title to be were this punctuation collective to emerge in audible form. It’s impressive, to say the least, and the track takes place and passes by so quickly that it feels like a crime not to listen two or three times over – three to be enjoyably in keeping with the concept.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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