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Huitaca Apocalypse


Nostalgic and unique in one creatively passionate strike, artistic duo Huitaca blend the crisp tone of live guitar with heavy bass, rhythm and electronic sound-design, and weave in a boldly mixed vocal lead of story and poetic imagery united, for the bright and energetic Apocalypse.

Genre-blending extensively throughout its three minute twenty-five lifespan, Apocalypse utilises a somewhat medieval or prog-rock manner of poetic writing and long-form melodic development, to impart a story that’s initially unclear but intriguing enough to keep you listening.

As the structure evolves, the stripped-back pre-chorus proves revealing and a little more personal and intimate. The resolve works well, this quiet moment brings things back to our singer, our protagonist, and then the drop into tribal rhythms and euphoric riffs and synths is all the more uplifting.

The instrumental is superb, refreshingly unusual yet classic for its summer dance vibe. The appeal of a live show is immediate, the guitar and electronica fusion inviting lasting interest in a festival set.

The vocal edge takes things down a different route once again, and ultimately Apocalypse introduces an act defiantly at one with their own uninhibited identity as storytellers and expressive artists.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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