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Howl! Fight The Panic


Howl!’s Fight The Panic is an EP that, as a rock fan, I found myself enjoying far too much to really make any articulate comments the first time around. This is great songwriting, a crisp yet heavy rock sound, melody and grit intertwine and contrast with one another beautifully – the entire playlist hits with impact and is easily one I’ll be returning to.

As for the more detailed analysis, Stranger kicks things off on the right foot – a big part of what lays the project out in an appealing way. Awesome drum-work, a cinematic backdrop alongside of distorted riffs and a hauntingly addictive melodic progression. A stunning rock song with a defiant level of intention and heart.

For The Ones You Forgot follows on, the official single release from the EP, a song with a quickly recognizable set-up and series of riffs. A classic alt-rock creative twang emerges, and all the while the band pour endless levels of passion and soul into the process – as well as being consistently impressive in terms of their musicianship and unity as a group.

One L, Two N’s is something of a stand-out for its unusually optimistic and bright pop-rock aura. Lyrically and musically, even structurally, the song feels accessible and uplifting. There’s a level of hope and possibility to the song, it embraces the listener, it comforts them, and this shines brightly following the weight and hard-rock soul of what came before.

Afterwards, Losing Count cascades around you with stunning guitar work, a thick wall of calming and distorted melody, and a brilliant hook. There’s a classic vibe to this that reminds me of nu-metal or pop-punk records from a decade or so ago – not the first time nostalgia has played a part in letting this EP connect. The band offer such honest ideas and even vulnerabilities, as well as reflections on life, love, and everything in between – all while continuously impressing musically and vocally. The sound is everything it needs to be, and a live show would almost certainly prove unforgettable for contemporary and classic rock fans alike.

LMK finishes things up with a bang, conceptually interesting, emotionally appealing, and brilliantly progressive musically. Delicate hints of piano contrast with intense distortion and descending power chords, meanwhile a choir of vocals unite to create a hugely passionate moment of togetherness – presenting the ultimate anthem for fans to get lost within. A superb way to go out, Howl! are a band who have clearly figured out and mastered their sound and style, and this EP makes for a strong introduction to that. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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