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Hoofgrove Turn my back on you


Introducing the brand new solo project from artist and songwriter Ari Manninen, Hoofgrove promises supreme musicianship and passionate, infectious melodies alike throughout a superb debut album – not least of all in the form of the beautifully colourful, poetic and provocative Turn My Back On You.

Featuring a dreamy, beachside vibe with layers of guitars and a marching, tripped-up rhythm, the song introduces the characterful and accessible vocals of the singer, and progresses through a long-form melody to weave an imagery-laden storyline that’s quick to captivate.

Brilliantly melodic, rising up and meandering in a genuinely fresh, creative way, Turn my back on you has the makings of an authentically original single. Hoofgrove injects a certain air of artistry and realness into the indie world, and this single showcases precisely these qualities.

A deeply thoughtful track, with dashes of uncertainty, conceptual insecurity, reflected both lyrically and in the changing chord patterns.

Fantastic, a refreshingly interesting act with an exciting manner of song-writing that’s well worth getting to know.

Download the music via Bandcamp from July 1st.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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