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Holly Ivy “Hero’s” Downfall


Dreamy dance-infused synths and a strong groove unite to immerse listeners, as producer and songwriter Holly Ivy delivers her latest captivating single of poetic story-telling and melodic depth.

Following on from Rage Room, “Heroes” Downfall further secures Holly Ivy’s role within the alternative pop realm of tomorrow. Her forth release so far, the track follows an increasingly enveloping soundscape of fully-loaded layers of synths, keys, bass and rhythm. Alongside this, Holly’s unmistakable and accessible vocal adds a level of evocative purpose and confidence; in line with the realism and mild scorn of the lyrics.

Building up slowly towards a spiraling downward melody that is the hook, “Hero’s” Downfall speaks volumes on behalf of a songwriter with a distinctly unique approach to crafting fresh melodic threads and thoughtful tales. The music and lyrics unite well to capture this sense of the downfall from triumph to darkness – even the artwork feeds into that imagery and mood.

Coming in at close to five minutes in length, “Hero’s” Downfall offers extensive verses reflecting on the fall of a warrior figure – something relayed with apparent specifics, but done so in a way that makes the song easily relatable from any number of angles. That balance is key – the personal honesty and the ability to attach one’s own meaning to the progression and substance of the story.

Proving all the more hypnotic as it gathers momentum, and indeed as that downward spiraling hook repeats just enough times to sink in, “Hero’s” Downfall promises an original take on contemporary pop, and makes for a welcomed twist of identity and style.

Single out Today. Find all things Holly Ivy HERE, visit her Website or follow on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

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