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Highly Suspect Mister Asylum


Lightly doused in influence from the likes of Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam, we were bound to fall for Highly Suspect; we weren’t quite prepared, however, for just how consumed we’d be by their music. Immensely gripping, compelling, and outright captivating. An incredible front man; the voice, the phrasing, the lyrics – quite frankly, one of the most appealing rock singers since Eddie Vedder.

Everything about this band is superb. Despite the said hints of influence, they’re entirely unique; something brand new has been created. The only problem for us, was choosing just one video for the feature.

Addictive as hell, tracks to turn up loud, embrace the shivers. What a voice. And lyrically, one of the best songwriting bands around. Their words are like poetry, sung at you with power and a commanding presence. Expect big things from this Brooklyn based band.

We eventually managed to choose – the track Lydia is mind-blowingly good. Don’t listen to it through shoddy speakers. Turn it up. Get involved. An incredibly talented and exciting band. Follow Highly Suspect on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated. This is Lydia..

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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