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Heidscrape Darkbeat


Heidscrape offer a genuinely enjoyable sound right now that’s refreshingly unique and a total pleasure to lose yourself within. Where you might initially attempt to define the track Darkbeat as either EDM or indie-rock, you quickly realise how different these two genres are, and how bizarrely effective this particularly fusion really is.

Darkbeat loops out like this entrancing, intensifying wash of noise and colour. It’s as industrially gritty as it is melodically entrancing. Bringing together organic elements like guitar with distorted electric ones such as chaotic synths and mechanical rhythm sections, the track grows from lightly uplifting to heavy and immersive within a few short minutes. And all the while there’s next to nothing to compare it to.

As the experience progresses, if you’re listening at volume – which you should – the moment envelops you entirely. Feeling partly like some final level on a retro game, partly like the depths of some strangely enjoyable nightmare, and partly like the spontaneous intermission at a gig that refuses to let silence fill the space – the track is everything you’d hope for as a fan of instrumental music or EDM, and yet it’s nothing like you might expect.

The second time you delve into this track you’re perhaps a little more prepared and overwhelmed by anticipation for the journey that’s to come. Those opening, slightly tribal vibes present a misleading and now exciting sense of quiet – the calm before the storm. What’s clever about the creative production is that you don’t see the onslaught approaching – there’s no pause and subsequent heavy drop like there would be in a traditional EDM piece. Somehow, somewhere along the way, Heidscrape capture and contain you within this whirlwind of audio escapism. You hardly notice the transition, but you appreciate the result. The looping build-up works brilliantly and you can easily tell that a live show would be all the more mesmerizing to witness. Absolutely worth adding to the long-term playlist and I look forward to hearing more.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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