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Hefe Heetroc I Already Got That


Hefe Heetroc presents audiences with a complex and intricate fusion of alternative electronica and hip-hop. The music at its core offers an upbeat and manic sort of energy, surrounding listeners with riffs and samples and effects that pool together to give off an almighty rhythm and bounce. On top of everything, the rap vocal running throughout has a notable level of character. This is in the tone, the lyrical flow, and the performance style – something about the performance strikes as all at once mellow and hyped, building you up or calming you down depending on what it is that you need. This is an artist who has all bases covered – the music is ready and waiting.

I Already Got That is a fairly definitive track and showcases some of the rapper and producer’s absolute greatest qualities. This particular meeting of the music and the voice has resulted in the utmost intense and infectious vibes, leaving you lost in the aftermath of the words, the varying flow, the instrumental whirlwind, and the power of that hook. Without doubt, this track drops a hook that never misses.

The music is undoubtedly soaked in a certain sort of alternative or experimental sound, but this merely adds to the individuality of the whole release, and it takes nothing away from the rhythm and drive of it all. The music is hypnotic to the point that you may find yourself dipping in and out of the lyrics, though whenever you’re in – you’re clinging to every syllable; following these lines along, pausing and heading back a little further for anything you may have missed. Creativity is key and it comes in high doses with this track. That goes for the beat, the lyricism, and the overall soundscape that has been so freely crafted yet storms into your consciousness with the intent of a lightning bolt. Well worth experiencing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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