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Heartless Project Window


Project Window is the unfiltered story of the new American Dream, a dream being lived by Heartless – the perfect artist to tell the story. In a modern hip-hop scene littered with profanity, over-production, sub-par writing, and the glorification of an addicted and underachieving lifestyle, Heartless sets the record straight. Profanity-free and positive throughout, Heartless has a well-crafted style that is uniquely his own.

In a country where Kendall Jenner is referred to as a “Self-Made” billionaire, it’s easy to understand how the rise from the projects into a respectable hip-hop career can go unnoticed or, at the very least, underappreciated. Heartless tells the story beautifully. In a perfectly sampled track with a hard beat, Heartless delivers more than just a repetitive hook and chorus. He tells the story of a young man growing up, unsure of his future, and at times falling off the path.

The story is told in a reminiscent sense, the project window being his own, and the subject his childhood. The first step is perfectly described as “Learn[ing] to think beyond four corners and walls”. A testament to the poverty mindset most children of low socioeconomic standing are indoctrinated with, the first step for Heartless was to dream. But as he explains, the dedication to follow through is what got him where he is.

Hard hitting hip hop that dares to dream and leaves profanity to waste is everything but mainstream – but that doesn’t stop this single from being a masterpiece; leaving anyone who hears it on the edge of their seat waiting for the new album to drop.

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