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Hayley Lam Being Alive


Hayley Lam is an artist and composer offering a unique form of instrumental music by means of her latest single Being Alive. The creative drive showcased throughout the track is phenomenal. Hayley’s music has a way of presenting listeners with an entire soundscape of drama and storytelling within a single release, and without the use of lyricism. Whatever you may be expecting, what you’ll get is guaranteed to surprise and further intrigue from the moment the music starts to play.

Being Alive is essentially four minutes of intense jazz fusion performed in an almost free style manner yet still holding closely to the structure and essence of the intended composition. This is, in many ways, a musical portrayal or representation of what it is to be alive. The synths and keys featured offer a winding, unpredictable journey through the mind and memories of the artist. As you listen, it’s easy to find your own mind wandering to new frontiers, forgetting almost entirely what it was that you were doing before now – as is the strength of good music.

The somewhat experimental nature of the melodies expressed on Being Alive is forever interesting and of course pays tribute to the very first instances of jazz and everything that jazz stood for when it began making waves. The soundscape is beautiful and captivating but not in any of the ways you might expect. The music fuses something of a retro sound with a very intense feeling of now; a fresh start, a new beginning. Everything from the melodies to the final finish on the production exemplifies that story line and that meandering lifeline that is the artist’s own journey.

The first of what will hopefully be a series of releases from Hayley Lam. Download the song via iTunesBandcamp, or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Hayley Lam on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Support the production of her EP over at Go Fund Me. Visit her Website for more information.

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