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Haris Cizmic She is Now So Far


Introducing a slight shift in direction for Sarajevo’s Haris Cizmic, an exotic instrumental arrangement blending ambient layers of calm with passionate melodic threads of guitar and rising energy.

She Is Now So Far begins with a soothing aura of intricate sound-design – quiet synths and keys suggestive of an incoming journey. That journey soon takes precedent, with haunting layers of rising anticipation and warped production traits guiding us towards the ultimate tempo and presence of the story as we move along.

Featuring unique licks and riffs that prove easily recognizable amidst this deeply evocative atmosphere of sound, She is Now So Far brings in a guitar-led ambiance, the organic skill and heart of the performance driving us forward through the central theme and mood.

As composer, Haris Cizmic chose to employ a melody representative of the internal struggle of souls forever entwined yet separated – ‘by the delicate threads of dimensions and timelines’. The idea is that of a never-ending quest, a perpetual dance that consistently leaves us one step behind. To consider this search for connection as you listen, and indeed the weight of existential considerations, allows the music to engage with all the more poignancy and wonder.

Despite its encompassing vastness, the single maintains certain qualities of familiarity at all times, gifting the experience both an immersive warmth and a clear degree of identity; one that will no doubt keep listeners coming back time and time again.

Always creatively intriguing and effective as a musician and writer, Haris Cizmic offers a welcomed fusion of styles and genres with the humble yet emotive She is Now So Far. A definite must for electronic and instrumental music fans alike.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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