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Hal Savar Melt Away


Blissfully crisp production quickly blends ASMR acoustic qualities with rhythmic and bass warmth. Top this off with a fast-flow vocal melody and unmistakable vocal rasp, and Hal Savar delivers a brilliantly uplifting summer hit.

Increasingly passionate, Melt Away shape-shifts repeatedly throughout its sub-three-minute lifespan, yet always returns to this clean acoustic guitar sound and that mellow underlying stomp of a beat.

During the verses, Hal Savar guides us through a familiar pop-style arrangement akin to the likes of Shape of You or more classic releases from Jason Mraz. Very quickly though, both comparisons fall away, as we rise for a totally evocative, bold and rock-kissed hook.

At this moment the song escapes from the simple joy of pop, to the more sultry and piercing humanity of soul-rock. And still the beat goes on, the catchy whistle-riff maintaining a further thread of identity, and – in short – the listener left feeling energized and keen to hear more music from Hal Savar.

Noting over 12k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, authenticity, percussive guitar-work and recognizable vocals have long-made up the unmistakable style of Hal Savar.

Philadelphia-born and raised across various states with his military family, music became a sense of home and stillness for the young creative. Over the years, Hal would teach himself to sing, play and write songs, later achieving a regular status on the live stages of Las Vegas.

In 2021, Hal and his family hit the road to shoot the docu-series Highway To Hal, and laid down stories and visuals about cross-country live music and touring.

Melt Away encapsulates the extent of these unique life experiences, and draws focus to a songwriter and musician who has honed his craft consistently over the years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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