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Gutta Mayne Worldstar


Gutta Mayne’s music takes on a classic hip hop backdrop and vibe – thick beats, rhythm, simple and scene-setting chord progressions. On top of this the artist flaunts his own approach to performance and lyricism, adjusting to the changing pace of the music accordingly.

Worldstar is a pretty fitting place to start for listeners who are new to his work. The rap flow feeds off of the energy of the music, so when the beat gets big – the leading voice follows suit. Mayne’s understanding of structure and his awareness of how elements connect within any piece of music leads to something that feels united and confident; a necessary pairing for any hip hop release.

In terms of that sense of character, the rap flow and performance style has a touch of influence or familiarity about it, but not massively so. The tone of voice, the way the words interlink and pour out in a fairly smooth and laid back manner, it all adds to what is a fairly individual sound. For the most part, despite the structural changes, this track feels like it was built around a free-style. Most raps are of course, but this seems to consistently follow that route – everything except the hook pours out with freedom and a lack of concern regarding reception or the opinions of anyone else.

It’s a performance, for sure – dramatic at times, always with that confidence or swagger to carry it in a believable way. When it comes to the hook, this adds to the memorable nature of the backdrop – these chords and the repetition of this key line and concept works in the way that any heavy new hip hop track should. The more you listen, the more recognisable it all feels, and this extends throughout his recent releases.

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