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Gunadi I Don’t Lie (Feat. Tierney Moses)


There’s a level of brilliance to this track that’s simply addictive and engrossing to experience. I Don’t Lie makes for four minutes and eleven seconds of EDM bliss, in my opinion. Everything you might hope for comes through.

First off there’s the rhythm, then the crisp yet heavy finish of the beat. Then there’s the synths – the fuzz, the shivers induced by the ambiance. Then there are these often forgotten yet arguably crucial moments of humanity – fragments of voice, snippets of ideas, woven into the mix as if merely another instrument; yet you know there’s a realness to them. All of this hits hard within the first minute, and really it’s the absolute skill of the production that lets the soundscape rain down around you in such a satisfying way.

Later on, as things build and evolve, Gunadi proves himself to be far more than a loop-maker. The song expands and envelops you as it progresses. Structurally there’s depth, the journey has been crafted considerately, so as the quiet emerges – you’re captivated by the rise back to the final drop. And when the drop hits, that comforting familiarity re-energizes and overwhelms you once again.

Just when you think things have changed enough within the soundscape, a much welcomed touch of acoustic guitar appears, characterful yet simple – effective enough to get you smiling even more-so. Only a few artists in recent years have successfully fused the acoustic and electronic worlds in a professional, creative and entrancing manner – Woochia is a fine example and a personal favourite. This release is something of its own though.

Gunadi has chopped up and pieced together this journey, finely selecting each and every building block so as to give the listener the most hypnotic and invigorating experience possible. The result is something that exceeds all expectation and just works. It’s brilliant, and somehow it gets better and better as it moves along.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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