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Gukie Lover Boy


Introducing an extensive new project from rising artist and songwriter Gukie, Lover Boy draws focus to the clear professionalism and passion of his music across an immense catalogue of timeless pop hits.

Boasting twenty-one original tracks, the deluxe release encapsulates the sound of Gukie whilst providing the ambient, melodic and emotive escapism that music fans tend to crave.

Blending effective songwriting with identity, grit and purpose, the album celebrates freedom of creativity and expression, beginning with the heartfelt and uplifting Fake Love, and moving onwards through infectious and colourful anthems like Lost In Paradise, the dreamy and immersive Let Me Fall, and the sublime, organic and emotive After The Rain.

Layers of poetry meet with contemporary raps as Gukie keeps his own identity at the forefront but consistently showcases a strong way with writing and delivery. Every song impresses and indeed connects for its realness and intimacy. The production is second to none, the style is somewhat nostalgic yet crisp enough to promise a contemporary flow that’s decidedly relevant and enjoyable to relax into.

Occasionally leaning towards the grittier trap rhythms and vibes of the modern scene, Call Up My Line a bold example, the project always manages to maintain dynamic by returning to melody, warmth and soul in between. Energies Intertwined and Die To Realise both make for inspiring highlights during the latter half.

Fusing elements of dancehall and pop with subtle hints of world music, reggae and rap, Lover Boy is an album true to the artist’s own love of music and performance. Eclecticism stands tall, but always these bars, melodies, and the unmistakable sound of that voice reach out with recognisable tone and integrity.

In short, Gukie plays it safe for a thread of relevance, but keeps things professional and clean at the same time. Fans of the genre will feel at home, with plenty of melodies and hook-lines to keep them coming back.

Download or stream Lover Boy here. Check out Gukie on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or grab merch.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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