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Guilherme Meirelles Desvanecer


Leading with a rather intoxicating balance of distortion and melody, Brazilian artist and songwriter Guilherme Meirhelles delivers an evocative and creative fusion of styles, for his latest project Desvanecer.

The album begins with a sublime instrumental piece, and later delivers the passionate and dreamy shoegaze single Desvanecer – an expressive and seemingly free-flowing title-track, which intrigues and immerses its listeners.

Structurally unconfined and notably unpredictable at the same time, Desvanecer presents a uniquely interesting shift from optimism and passion to uncertainty and an almost warped sense of contemplation. The instrumental keeps things organic and engaging, whereas the vocal feels like a back and forth between energetic celebration and doleful longing.

Interwoven amidst all of this creative artistry and expression are some well-placed riffs and hints of personality. The outro of the track is particularly effective, the looping guitar lick adding a degree of familiarity to ground an otherwise ethereal outcry, and in terms of the album, this leads especially well into the quieter reflective wonder of Quando Quase Tudo Evapora.

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