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Guest Actors By Demand


Guest Actors are a band originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. Regardless of genre for the moment, their music is innately emotional, through and through; the depth and feeling expressed as By Demand plays out around you is huge.

What’s interesting about this release is that the song itself comes through as a fairly indie or soft rock driven piece of music and writing, however, the ambiance created by the instrumentation produces a somewhat alternative sound. Furthermore, there’s something beautifully poetic and folk-like about the lyrics, particularly during the final few moments as the music falls away and the leading voice is laid bare. There’s a purity and an honesty about it that seems so authentically heartfelt.

The presence of the piano part in this song is beautiful, the introduction in fact suggests a simple, acoustic ballad. This reverb soaked leading voice softly whispers the initial melody and ideas as if they were only ever meant to be heard by the one to whom they are directed. The intimacy and openness is stunning, and the way in which the song has been written really highlights a unique and beautiful perspective – a genuine expression of love, of dedication. The simplicity of the initial instrumentation backs up this sentiment brilliantly.

As things progress, the music builds, and the performances at every angle are exactly what is needed to further represent the depth and adoration of the lyrics. The essence of the song shines brightly with every moment that passes. The band are clearly connected by more than just a love of music, and this ability to express uniquely while simultaneously feeding into the very sound and style of songwriting that appeals and satisfies, is hugely impressive.

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