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Grizzy Drunken Manifesto


Grizzy’s EP Drunken Manifesto is one that proves to be a genuinely eclectic and interesting hip hop release, so much so that it’s been worth more than a few listens before even writing about it. On My Own starts things up and is perhaps the most current or mainstream sounding piece of the project – a solid hook and a smooth, colourful beat back up a confident, characterful melody-line.

Being Bad afterwards is really where Grizzy’s unique vocal style starts to drive things. His voice has a quickly recognisable tone, and his rap flow, his story-telling, and his personality, all shine brightly on this rhythmically entrancing piece of music. The hook is addictive and the beat cleverly fuses the classic sound of the nineties with something a little more alternative and now.

Keys is a track that varies again from what came before and proves to be one that hits with absolute impact. A delicate intro yet loaded with anticipation later explodes into this dark and intense beat, alongside of which Grizzy’s vocal flow and overall performance meet the higher energy bar flawlessly. His performance increases in weight and volume, pouring through with a quicker pace, bars on top of bars that hold your attention and lead you hypnotically back to that smoother break that is the song’s hook. The track is totally refreshing in its fusion of sheer individuality and the fine finish of professional, modern production. The concept is memorable and the whole thing showcases yet another side to the artist – a well placed moment within the project.

Grizzy’s writing takes a turn for the more thoughtful on Soldier – his clearer, perhaps more serious and softly confident tone effectively reflects the level of ambition and drive inherent in the lyrics. The beat is simple, classic again and perfectly suited to the mood of the moment. There’s a flicker of nostalgia about this one, in fact this and the following track Soul both have an impressive layer of energy about them that’s reminiscent of Eminem or other greats from a decade or two ago.

Soul is a personal highlight, something about the emotion and the gentle instrumentation combined makes for a heartfelt and compelling few minutes of music and writing. Your attention is captivated by the outpouring throughout, and the riff lingering in the backdrop supports and enhances this effect really well. You get a little closer to the artist here, the lyrics hold nothing back, the story underlines his past and his personal experiences in a relatable, honest and endearing way. It works well, and it adds something really valuable to the EP. Much more than impressive bars and a memorable leading voice; this is an artist willing to be fully himself, fully open with his audience, and furthermore – an artist with an unwavering and genuine connection to the music he puts out.

No Sleep brings the project to a close by combining all of the above and more. A gradually increasing intensity accompanies an outpouring of personal depth and difficulty and optimism united. There’s an uplifting or motivational energy about the whole thing – Grizzy’s utilisation of both melody and rap serves him well. The track seems to skillfully walk the line between the totally alternative or underground sounds, and the more widely accessible, mainstream flavors of today. Grizzy expressively takes on the issues of 2018 and the world as it is for the average young person with big dreams. It’s a huge way to finish, and as stated earlier – it seals the deal in terms of this being an easy EP to revisit three or four times over. Great songwriting and a great sense of character throughout.

Download the EP via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Grizzy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out our in depth interview with him here or check out his bio.

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