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Grey Spaces Come Out Clean (Feat. Katie J)


Taking popular song creation to the forefront of artistry, Grey Spaces’ release Come Out Clean, featuring the vocals of Katie J, presents audiences with both a captivating instrumental journey, and a smooth and seductive wave of professionally crafted, superbly polished songwriting.

The single opens up as something of a dramatically driven piano ballad, the intensity with which the part is played creates an instant aura of power and emotion. As Katie J’s leading voice steps forward, the mood remains mellow and reflective for a moment, but the softness is brief. The song evolves spectacularly, revealing the true depth and passion of its sentiment, building up instrumentally and beautifully highlighting the strength of the singer’s voice in adjusting to this multiplying energy.

The progression of the song is a little unexpected, and that’s a huge part of its appeal. Perhaps it’s the raw sounding introduction that misleads our consciousness, the open and honest sound of those first few vocal notes, even the sound of the term Grey Spaces, that makes us tend to predict a consistent sense of calm or quiet. Regardless, the fact remains – the song hits with incredible power, and the contrast between the opening few bars of music and the epic climax to which it all leads is a big influencer in why it works so well.

Production wise the raw and organic piano sound introducing the song brings a certain sense of realness, and it’s genuine, intended – far from a lack of effort. This is something that shows itself to be true from precisely one minute and four seconds in. The creativity embedded in the mix is flawlessly relevant to the growing emotion of the piece. Furthermore, Katie J’s voice is stunning, it drives the essence of the piece with absolute heart and grit. Well worth exploring. A beautiful song, supremely interesting lyrics, crafted and performed with sublime accuracy as to the core of the concept.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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