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Greg Hoy & The Boys Demons At Night


Cascading electric guitars and crisp, upfront live drums guide us hypnotically into the classic rock and roll sound of Greg Hoy and The Boys, as their latest four-track EP Demons At Night kicks into gear.

Making for a fine starting point for those new to their music, the project’s title-track showcases a fine sense of unity and passion from all involved.

Familiar yet fresh, the arrangement excites a longing for the rock sounds of eras past, and proceeds to blend this impressively with strength of songwriting and performance all at once.

Featuring a chorus of vocals for the hook, with hints of influence from both the grittier side of rock and roll and the more melodic, harmonised tones of the Beach Boys and the Beatles, Greg Hoy and the Boys ultimately manage to capture a vibe of their own. Weave in a few superb guitar solos, and the whole thing quickly becomes a timeless classic.

The band’s naturally emotional twist on these topics is also brilliant – poetic and powerful, thoughtful traits less commonly found in modern rock. The California trio engage and connect throughout – absolutely worth a listen this season.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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