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Greautcine Verano otra vex


Electronic sound-play to light up your dreams – Greautcine crafts an immersive and creative playlist to intrigue a wandering mind, with Verano otra vex.

Devoted to summer vibes in theory, the project feels like a traveller’s ambient accompaniment – forever shifting states in order to represent the various changing scenes and experiences of the outside world.

We begin with waves of energy and quiet intermittently washing over – a subtle fusion of industrial and dreamy flavours, presenting a kind of never-ending rise and fall, for Retócame (Toque meu nascer do sol).

Maintaining versatility to an unpredictable degree is essential here, and this is clear from the shift to simple chords and tribal, organic rhythms, for Buen Sueño – and again throughout the vastly different, bass-heavy, vocal-kissed and retro It’s we called ‘Senso de Humor’.

Seemingly with equal parts conviction and arbitrary playfulness, Greautcine is building a web of distinctly striking audio escapism with this album.

Later on we delve into gamer tones and nostalgia, for Ella se llama – a new set of sounds at our disposal, guided by a long-form melodic thread that feels almost like a freestyle jam session on the keys. Bongo-style rhythms and a slowing pace add further character to this forever redirecting soundscape.

Those hints of organic musicality are important, and re-emerge impressively for the exotic and enchanting Sigo perdido. Translating roughly as I’m Still Lost, the music aptly creates a sense of overwhelming chaos following its unplugged, melodic introduction. We venture through hustle and bustle, darkness and light, celebration and uncertainty, yet again always remain rooted amidst the traits of the track – the stomp of a beat, the two-chord step, the hand-drums and the keys.

One final highlight is the project’s closing track, again bringing through new instrumental choices and a world-music vibe, almost blending child-play toys and professional fingerstyle on the strings, for a big-band feel that’s uplifting and fairly cinematic as the end of the journey. Just under three-minutes in length but with a feeling of being much more vast, Si ella se va is a personal favourite, and marks a worthy curtain call; for an album that underlines an uninhibited approach to creative musicianship and humble yet inventive production.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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