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Grave Mistake Runaway (Prod. by Matt Reilly)


Introducing an impressively creative debut from Sacramento’s Grave Mistake, Runaway starts up as an ambient fusion of distortion and delicacy, and soon reveals itself to be a beautifully poetic, fast-paced pop-punk hit that energises and inspires.

Produced by Matt Reilly, bass player for the one and only Avril, and showcasing a superb level of unity between band members Danny Snider (vocals), Dan Keenan (guitar), and Jaron Miller (drums), Runaway makes for an alluring pathway into Grave Mistake’s brand new album.

Stylistically tipping hats to the bigger bands of the nineties, but also making sure to weave in their own authenticity in the vocal sound and concept, the single lays bare an act with a thoughtful and passionate approach to making music.

The vocals have a certain accessible realness to them, and alongside of this is faultless musicianship at a fast pace – a performance that engages and connects on a multiple levels.

It’s a refreshing turn back to organic, live rock and creative song-writing, and a fine testament as to what we can look forward to from the upcoming longer project.

Absolutely a band worth escaping with, and undoubtedly one to look out for on the slowly returning live scenes throughout the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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