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Graphene A Thought and a Half


Leading with authenticity, precision, ability and purpose, fusing catchy musicalities with absolute artistry and the unbreakable soul of timeless hip hop – Michigan’s Graphene takes things down a conceptually provocative new road with the project A Thought and a Half.

After introducing things with a renowned robotic vocal akin to the late Stephen Hawking, the music kicks in with a clear bass-heavy warmth, melodic embrace and upfront vocal clarity that contrast and impress with ease.

Enter fast bars, a powerful degree of intention, heart, and skill with writing and performing. Graphene kicks up a creative fuss that captivates as Conscious Irony starts up the playlist on an impeccable high.

Soon elevating eclecticism all the more so, Hey God presents a cinematic story-line and acoustic set-up that again draw you in but for a new kind of reason. The bass and beat strike with a similarly energising presence, and Graphene’s bars immediately guide us through the turmoil and scenes of the tale in a stylishly compelling manner; not unlike the early days of alternative breakthroughs like Outkast.

Superb writing and infectious music to match, a fearlessly expressive Graphene continues to weave his addictively engaging web around the listener.

Skilful rapping and effective songwriting rarely emerge as one these days, it’s no easy task to master, but Graphene proves it more than possible. Consider Train Of Thought as both a melodic highlight and a poetically fascinating piece of writing. The performance is mellow, but the topic is intense, and this juxtaposition helps really make the track stand out.

A touch of contemporary hip hop pours through for an appreciative yet gritty and genuine Thankfull, then there’s the lo-fi depth and warmth of Stereotype that proves fairly blissful to escape into but again keeps the mind working and building that connection.

In contrast to the modern twist of Stereotype, Streetball adopts a retro, vintage kind of street-rap aura with jazz-cafe vibes and an anthem-like vocal presence.

One final highlight, and a track that openly reminds us of the artist at the heart of the work – the dreamer, the worker, the performer, complete with turmoil and heartbreak and inspiration – Realism offers a deeply soulful moment of reflection that causes the audience to take a step back and really reflect on the content and the emotion of the moment.

What a project, a journey that refuses to disappoint, with a cleverly fresh way of framing ideas and creating a dialogue in a welcoming yet still gritty and artistically painful kind of way. The balance works well, and both the music and the writing unite beautifully to this end.

Download or stream the EP here. Check out Graphene on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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