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globule du sang Behind Your Thoughts


Freshly included in the renowned Spotify playlist Release Radar, globule du sang’s collaborative single Behind Your Thoughts, with Eric, H, delivers a vastly immersive, atmospheric and deeply moving soundscape and journey.

Embracing listeners with both the simplicity of familiar piano patterns and the contemporary, ethereal calm of synths and rhythms of hypnotic appeal, Behind Your Thoughts progresses through a four-minute thirty-two lifespan with a clear sense of connection and purpose. Familiarity soon becomes inspiration, calm becomes creativity, and this evolution rains down around the listener with a similar presence of change and possibility.

Finely crafted, blending skill and clear passion for the process, Behind Your Thoughts makes effective use of the comforting building blocks of mainstream music, whilst also maintaining those essential threads of identity and artistry – in everything from the impressively intricate layers to the overall fusion and unity between them.

Ultimately presenting a soothing wash of escapism, tracks like this seek to blur the lines between popular music and that which creates a provocative and influential thinking space. There’s plenty of character and originality to the mix, yet there’s also more than enough that feels accessible and welcoming, and that balance works beautifully.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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