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Gliffo Get The Sun In Your Head


Offering up a debut in the most purest of forms, the artist Gliffo is someone who has never before even so much has written a section of a song. The entrepreneur works full-time managing his businesses, but as is the way of the muse – creativity struck one day, and the uplifting and infectious Get The Sun In Your Head was born.

Arrangement-wise a few close and skillful friends have helped make this track a reality. Bringing through an initial feeling of organic pop-rock, later evolving into something of a rock-opera style, the song feels genuine and colourful every step of the way.

From a songwriting perspective, the release has a clear and unquestionable intention – the sentiment is good-hearted, that of inspiring hope and a sense of possibility. As you listen to it play, the choir of vocals reinforces this warmth – a strong aura of togetherness pours through, and this is supported further by a generally hopeful and bright chord progression.

Lyrically is where the song rightfully makes certain to connect all the dots. Gliffo has written that hook in a particularly memorable way, there’s a certain coolness to this moment – that rock opera feel emerges and perhaps arrives quite unexpectedly among an otherwise simple, folk-pop-like verse. This moment utilizes contrast in a number of effective ways, and what’s more – the repetition of this line, and the rising intensity of the music, helps really drive the whole thing home.

I’ll be fairly surprised if you’re able to walk away from the song without that key line running through your mind. Fortunately, the concept is one of beauty and positivity – the very idea of Get The Sun In Your Head is wonderful, inspiring, and precisely the sort of positive influence we can always use more of in music and art.

For any songwriter, this is an easy alternative hit. For an absolute debut it’s all the more interesting. Hopefully that creative muse strikes again and we get to hear much more music from Gliffo.

Set for release on February 15th – pre-order the single on iTunes or via Amazon US or Amazon UK. Visit Gliffo’s Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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