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Gilda House Give Me Some


Elusive Montana creatives Gilda House balance delicacy and distortion to striking results, throughout this uniquely haunting yet energising new single Give Me Some.

Beautifully enchanting and somehow delivering both the alternative appeal of an unpredictable melody, and the satisfying resolve of a simpler one as each chorus peaks and the instrumental drops back in – the release speaks volumes on behalf of an act committed to embracing the outer realms of sound-design and writing.

Brilliantly crafted, often pairing the simplicity of a heavy, distorted bassline with the cleanly-mixed and petite sound of our lead’s gently captivating voice, Give Me Some manages to feel both intriguing and boldly immersive. Everything from the lyrics to the production details and the very structure of the track works in favour of originality, and while there are traits akin to a plethora of genres – synth-pop, electronic rock ,trip hop – the song ultimately reaches out on behalf of music made to express a certain mood or feeling. As such, it’s intensely absorbing, and quickly prompts interest in the rest of the band’s catalogue.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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