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GiDS Lose Me


If you’re looking for the kind of hip hop that bends and breaks the rules, toys with creativity and is as expressive and melodically minded as pop, though with a little more darkness and personal truth, GiDS’ Lose Me makes for a strong choice.

What begins as a uniquely ambient soundscape and a fairly intense, dramatic rap verse – one that details the turmoil and self-reflection of the artist in an uninhibited manner – soon evolves to become two parts hip hop and two parts choir-like, alternative pop. The hook section is completely unexpected, but somehow it works – this moment resolves the tension of the verses, the rhythm changes and the soundscape suddenly feels a little heavier alongside of these new vocal deliveries. Meanwhile, the song continues to provoke thought, to tell a tale of experience, and to connect with the listener in a thoroughly artistic fashion – whatever the genre, whatever the instrument, GiDS has a point to make, and being the artist, it will be made by any means necessary.

As the EP of the same name continues, there are threads that hold close to this approach – almost child-like, nostalgic melodies, simple and memorable, always juxtaposed with gritty, rhythmic rap verses. There’s definitely a style to this music that’s true to GiDS alone right now.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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