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Gibran Kill For You


Returning with a bang after an extensive 10+ year hiatus, producer and artist Gibran kicks off a plethora of original releases expected intermittently over the coming months, with the immersive sci-fi electronic embrace of a soulful and high-energy Kill For You.

Blending that eighties synth arrangement of nostalgia and recent re-emergence throughout, with an ultimately passionate yet soft and distinct vocal thread of adoration and longing, Kill for You showcases a fine approach to production and structure in unison with a fearlessly revealing writing style. At the same time, short lines rise and fall through the verses – presenting a notably more mainstream-ready influence that will hopefully connect with a much broader audience-base.

As we build towards the euphoric peak and embrace of the hook, Gibran continues to highlight the intricacies and attention to detail that make up his composition and production skills. Then as the drop hits, the simple repeat and looping passion of the title-line brings a distinctive and addictive moment of escapism – taking things from personal to relatable in one stylish wave of creative energy.

To follow up Kill For You, the next single Don’t You Know is expected on October 18th, and features a similarly recognizable style but a more cleanly presented vocal and decidedly joyful, almost retro-gamer riff at the forefront. The heartfelt intentions remain, and the Gibran voice reaches out with all the more nuance and emotion. No doubt the rest of the incoming catalogue will be worthy of delving into over the next few months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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