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Ghost In The Machine Heartbreaker (Hurt & Broken) [Pat Benatar Cover)


Indie’s iconic Ghost In The Machine recapture the essence of time’s past, with a beautifully innovative, stripped back and soulful cover of Pat Benatar’s legendary single Heartbreaker.

Making the song their own in an instant, Ghost In The Machine build the new release around the striking emotional rasp and depth of their leading vocals, and ignite the track’s unmistakable hook in a fearlessly unfiltered and musically original fashion.

This intimate and organic setting draws attention to the piercing truth of heartbreak’s relentless impact. The lover scorned calls out with a clear sense of connection to the subject matter, and the subtle but effective arrangement gathers momentum by way of a few simple instrumental choices, as the acoustic guitar is joined by a mellow drum line and subsequent solo.

The whole thing is quite structurally brilliant, the latter half artistically encapsulating the pain and resentment of our protagonist, tumbling towards a passionate crescendo that wraps things up in a deeply moving and memorable way.

Also included in the release, part two is Broken, an industrial arrangement of the same performance. This electrified alternative injects a mighty fullness that leans towards new metal and electronic rock during its increasingly intense and powerful evolution.

In the case of both Hurt & Broken, Ghost In The Machine take full control of the song, effectively gifting listeners a sense of originality and nostalgia combined, whilst impressing and engaging in a way that’s unmistakable as GITM.

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