GG Bankz - Ten Toes - Stereo Stickman

GG Bankz Ten Toes


Beginning with the ambient, descending chord progression of a retro-effected Ariana, life-long artist GG Bankz drives with big dreams and artistic freedom on this new project.

Balancing uniquely expressive soundscapes, with a cutting, deeply thoughtful and genuinely captivating vocal outpouring, the opening track showcases a heartfelt core, and introduces the album and the artist in a likable way.

As the project goes on, Bankz continues to tip his hat to contemporary sound design, whilst also mixing in an impressive array of influences – not least of all the gentle piano-led jazz of Forsakensha; and the bizarre and unexpected contrast between this and the hard-hitting, emotionally loaded, fast-paced verse that rides alongside it.

With each new track, GG Bankz further delivers multiple layers of character and identity, helping listeners build a clear and unwavering grasp of who the artist is, and how the music tends to come about. At the same time though, there’s an inevitable thread of unpredictability, which makes this immensely considerate, self-aware and observant, detailed album one that’s notably refreshing right now.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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