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Gentlemen and Scholars Cruisin’


From the album Revelry, Cruisin’ is a song that boldly lives up to its name. Gentlemen and Scholars offer audiences what you might call an unquestionably authentic representation of classic rock and roll. Everything from the musicality to the performances to the way in which this release has been recorded – it all works towards this shared sentiment of nostalgic raw energy and realness.

The sound is refreshingly familiar – if such a juxtaposed concept can be applied – it feels like a track that would’ve made waves a couple of decades back, yet it comes with a brand new sense of melody and passion; the likes of which don’t often come through in such simple and entertaining ways. The song takes the bare essentials and presents them in an addictively uplifting sort of way. It’s energizing to listen to, and a live show would almost certainly see that effect multiply.

The recording style here is really unusual right now, it feels like an old record in more ways than one, but this is at no loss to the quality of the experience. By all means, turn it up loud – find yourself cruising down the long road this very weekend and let the music pour out around you. Something about it gives off a calming reminder of simpler times. That comforting trip down memory lane, though not so specifically that it feels outdated, just vaguely enough to make you feel welcomed and at home.

The passion the band put into their performances is the very heart of their music. Sure, there’s impressive musicianship, effective and stylish riffs – the bass-line, the guitar parts, the leading voice, the keys, the drums; all of this feels accomplished and on point. What really lights them all up though is the inherent creative drive that lets everything shine under its own, characterful light. The band feel like individuals who are unshakably connected by the brightness of the music and the moment. That’s what makes it sound so real and so powerful. A great song and a great band to discover as 2018 approaches those central summer months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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