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Geburah Secret Little Space


Salzburg-based Geburah gets unapolagetically honest and personal on this release, both lyrically and performance-wise. At the same time, the song leads with contemporary references that help ignite a whole new era of songwriting that holds close to relationship turmoil but makes it all the more relevant to a modern audience.

Secret Little Space begins in a manner that feels like a diary reading – a free-flowing, perhaps impromptu delivery that doesn’t initially bring through any level of structure or intention other than to delve into the depths of anger and resentment in the face of a broken heart. As things continue, there is a clever use of contrast at work, and there are moments of musical rise and melody that add a certain dynamic to the near six-minute track.

Things continue to develop throughout, seeing the artist fall further into this pit of despair and difficulty during the verses – offering up explicit detail and angst in increasingly attention grabbing ways. Once again though, the return to the hook brings optimism – a moment of beautiful melody and an attempt to accept the new now. That contrast is essential, and the change in riff and the introduction of vocal harmonies really helps this moment shine brightly.

Also included with this release is a song called Celebrate, one that introduces itself as aiming to be optimistic and positive – vocally and indeed with the clear EDM set-up that starts things off. Still there’s that Geburah level of honesty and openness, that vulnerability and resentment that’s never held back, but here you get a classic and somewhat retro dance track with a far more rhythmic vocal on the whole and a dance core that lifts things up into another, more energetic realm. Rather that stewing in the struggle, this song attempts to break free of the past – to instead focus on and celebrate the present and the future.

The middle section of the second song brings through a fully instrumental breakaway, a moment allowing the artist to showcase production abilities and a genuine air of being lost in the moment and in love with the music. Contrast kicks in once again, as this later falls away for second verse, paving the way for another near six-minute journey.

All of this paints a clear picture of Geburah as an artist and a songwriter, there’s a definite sense of personality that’s easy to recognise in the vocal tone and in the sheer, uninhibited outpouring of thoughts. His style feels like music as therapy, for himself, and subsequently it may well work effectively for those who are going through similar personal difficulties or seeking to overcome a hard situation.

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