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Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions Never Give Up EP


Inspiring positivity, with a sublime vocal lead and the warmth of a finely-crafted organic soundtrack – Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions blend pop-rock and country tones, with the five-track EP Never Give Up.

Instantly timeless for its raspy lead and the embrace of this acoustic to multi-layered soft rock arrangement, Never Give Up begins with its accessible and anthemic title-track, and introduces a project that’s both a pleasure to let play and is devoted to inspiring a sense of self-belief and possibility.

These are qualities that resound throughout the EP, but versatility is also a key strength, and that’s clear from the shift to a more mellow and thoughtful vibe, for Bodywise.

“Don’t be fooled by distortions in the mirror, you are whole in your perfection.”

Notably more acoustic, softer vocally and more intimate, Bodywise relays the familiar tale of growing up with fearless freedom, and later realising the impact of opinions on how we look or appear.

It’s another positive spin, inspiring at its core, but built around this idea of ‘from the frying pan to the fire’. As such, the song captivates, connects on a deeply human level, and ultimately uplifts in a wonderful way.

Strong riffs kick up the energy alongside distortion and a cool groove. The pop-rock track Jimi’s Song is relatable to the nostalgic rock fans across the board, offering electric guitars and leading with short lines and reflections both personal and recognisable to all inspired by the legendary guitarist.

Then something of a more arena-ready fullness hits for Shimmering – a choir of voices, a certain volume and passion to the lead, and a loaded arrangement of guitars, drums, bass and energy that naturally stands out. As ever, Gary Dranow presents the profoundly personal in a wholly engaging and subtly vague fashion, making this another track that could easily become the ‘our song’ for any and all.

The final part of Never Give Up is a soaring rock and roll offering, with a fast-pace and slick guitar riffs at the forefront. Here versatility shines again, not just in the set-up but in the leading voice – a mighty performance inspired more notably by Iggy Pop or The Stones than the more quietly folk and pop-rock style of before.

Emerging complete with a striking guitar solo, Ripping makes for the perfect way to wrap up what is genuinely an enjoyable and impressively eclectic project. Gary Dranow’s songwriting hits with natural appeal, and the band will no doubt put on a memorable live show in just about any setting.

Download Never Give Up via Bandcamp. Find Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

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