G.H. Hat - I Got A Problem (I Wonder...) [feat. Mickey Shiloh] - Stereo Stickman

G.H. Hat I Got A Problem (I Wonder…) [feat. Mickey Shiloh]


This is a huge song. Right from the offset, the bass-line and beat of the track have an infectious level of energy. Almost immediately you’re introduced to the leading vocal as well, the character of that performance comes through alongside the flawless and unique approach to melodic expression. All the while, the mix has been beautifully polished so as to allow that heavy and somewhat manic bass and rhythm to really overwhelm you.

The sound of the vocal and certain classic or retro instrumental samples throughout make for a clear and crisp contrast with the thickness and weight of the rhythm and bass beneath them. The song has been crafted with clever attention to detail and structure. The result is that you get a track loaded with fresh samples and riffs that sound dissimilar to anything else of a similar style or genre from recent months. However, this is not to say that it doesn’t fit in with the energy and mood of its desired audience – the complete piece makes for an addictive and easily enjoyable release.

The professionalism is on point, and so is the creativity. Quite often artists or producers will have one or the other of these in place – or if it’s both, sometimes the result is a little more alternative or experimental sounding. In this case, there is definitely some experimentation to the soundscape, but the melody, the concept, and the overall layout of the track work in favour of this being an effective and compelling listening experience. And on top of all of this, that leading vocal just oozes effortless style and confidence – the tone and performance style are completely original and refreshing to listen to. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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