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Free From Gravity Saints And Sinners


Not that the look of or aesthetic appeal of a musical project are hugely important, but in some cases; it really does add to the overall artistic value of a release. It can make things that little bit more effective, on the whole, and the artwork for this EP is superb. At first glance it’s the one thing, a simple, familiar image, but it’s the kind of art that really takes on more and more life the longer you look at it.

The music on this project has a similar effect, at first sounding like a classic album, experimental, alternative, rock, indie – whatever words your mind may conjure up after a few moments listening. But the longer you listen, the elements that make it what it is each come forward, and show themselves to be something quite special. Not least of all the lyrics. This EP is a piece of art in it’s entirety, the imagery accompanying the music is simple, yet brilliantly fitting, and even at just four tracks long, this one is a real experience to get to know.

The release opens with Crazy Lady, and the mood is set – the classic yet striking sound of that guitar solo, loaded with individuality and character. The music itself has a familiar sound to it, but with that vocal melody running alongside it, and these previously unheard lyrics; you get something else entirely. There’s a hugely appealing element of vulnerability in the vocal performance for this track, but for the moment it is fleeting – the chorus kicks in, and the song is yet again something completely new. What a fantastic rock melody, a chorus of voices and music; so much strength alongside the simpler, more emotional verses. A great use of contrast.

By this point there’s a lovely feeling of Beach Boys inspired singing, and so this track, alone it’s own glory, highlights a wonderful fusion of influence and artistic freedom. The creativity is everything we’ve come to love about independent music. On top of this, the skill from everyone involved is undeniably clear. A band who know what they’re doing, and love doing it.

Dance With Me crashes into your consciousness a little like a punk-rock track might. Those distorted riffs grab your entire body, as does the fierce yet joyful nature of the beat. Another great melody on this one as well, even more so with those harmonies; that aspect of the band really shines brightly as a real element of uniqueness and appeal. It’s something you quickly learn to love and look forward to with their music, and probably something that will hugely influence you to seek out a live performance as well.

Another thing worth pointing out about this music, is the sheer quality of the sound throughout each and every song. The guitar recordings alone have such a stylish finish about them, it really lifts Free From Gravity up a lot higher than some other, perhaps similar, rock and indie bands. Whether it’s their choice of effects, their instruments, or the artist behind the final mix – perhaps a combination of all of this – there really is a rather beautiful glow to the whole project.

The title track is where things get quite intense and heavy; that real, rock edge smashes through the speakers, building and building from the very first note. The wonderful thing about it though, is that the song is still superbly melodic, and entirely accessible, to just about anyone. An awesome chorus melody, yet again; those warm and addictive harmonies. Plus, another stunning array of instrumentation – not least of all the sublime guitar solo, in all it’s swift and skillful glory, proudly stepping forward after just one verse and one chorus. A fantastic rock and roll song. You can listen to this one below.

Step Into The Sunlight brings the EP to a close, but not before leaving it’s mark. The honesty and vulnerability that was touched on in the opening track returns here. There’s an almost acoustic feeling to this one at first, the lead vocal seems to talk to you as if you’ve been friends for years. And then, just as you thought you knew where it was going, those delightful melodies and harmonies come forward once more, to remind you where you are. To remind you that this is Free From Gravity, the familiar thread of their sound ever in the forefront of the music, warming you, like a new yet instantly reliable comfort blanket.

The track goes on to showcase some stunning instrumental work, really building and building to the climactic end of the project. It makes you glad you’ve listened, and are highly likely to listen again, and perhaps again after that. A wonderful twist of modern rock and roll music, with real feeling, and real skill.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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