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Frank Zozky Can’t Break Me (Feat. Dimi)


Uniquely fusing genres for a brief yet striking dance-pop journey of meandering riffs and inspiring sentiments – producer Frank Zozky joins forces with vocalist Dimi, for Can’t Break Me.

Initially standing tall on the simplicity of a four-chord looping pattern and fragments of the title-line, Can’t Break Me soon gathers increasing momentum, as Zozky weaves in unexpected layers of everything from horn sounds to heavy bass and retro synth melodies.

The result is a somewhat nostalgic yet fresh mix, tipping its hat to the dance-pop familiarity of eras past, but also shining light on the freedom of creativity that is the future of music.

Can’t Break Me makes fine use of the Dimi voice and its softly expressive, unmistakable tone. The mix further underlines these qualities in a clever way, and backs up a stop-start progression by weaving the voice in as both just another instrument and also the one thread of humanity and contemplation that keeps us grounded.

The structure of the song gives off a sort of rising anticipation that never quite materialises. The hook repeats but doesn’t feel like a hook, the concept slowly but surely inspires, and the relentlessly increasing energy unites with this for an ultimately dreamy and energising listen.

Brilliantly original, in short, and subtly passionate enough to really draw you in close.

Check out Frank Zozky on Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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