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Fox In Oil Wanna Fly


Strong melodies and a unique fusion of classic and creative production – the music of Fox in Oil focuses on pop sensibilities along-side a free and uninhibited sense of expression and passion. Wanna Fly is a fine example of all of this, and a great introduction to the artist’s music.

Progressing from simple, intriguing yet colorful beginnings, the song brings through a confident and bold vocal line, and slowly but surely allows its soundscape and further layers of vocals to evolve and brighten as they ultimately envelop listeners in this nostalgic dance-pop aura.

The song’s chorus is a huge moment, taking things away from the solo-singer realm and into that of unity and choir-like togetherness. It calls out for participation, inviting interest in a live show – and a desire to turn up the volume. There’s even a completely unexpected rap verse during the latter half, before the classically soulful pop hook returns in a briefly stripped-back setting, ready for one final explosive chorus that sees things out with a bang.

Far from the first of her releases, there are a plethora of other singles available online, and each one stands tall in its own uniquely unexpected way.

Love, Love, Love emerges with particular contrast to Wanna Fly, leading with a suddenly personal, intimate lyrical backbone, and an acoustic guitar-led progression that creates a softer, more peaceful and thoughtful energy. Still the songwriting fits the artist’s natural style, and this proves true throughout her releases to date.

Fleeting Times is another acoustic guitar-led piece, within which Fox In Oil makes stylish use of softer, breathier vocals, and a folk-like, youthful sentiment that reflects on intimacy and love, the unknown, the inevitabilities of life. Another beautiful song, brilliantly structured and with a bright and powerful hook section – as always.

As a further stand-out example of her versatility, Dog is a must-hear – a thick groove and confident, striking vocal lead us through an engaging, hypnotic and mighty soundscape and song. Fox In Oil breathes new life into this alternative pop genre, and still, as ever, holds true to those natural songwriting strengths that run throughout her music. And this is still just a fraction of what’s available to enjoy. A playlist well worth exploring at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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