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Forever May Fall Who You Are


Pristine visuals and production elevate the naturally skillful musicality and captivating style of North Carolina Metalcore outfit Forever May Fall.

Who You Are is the new single, an eclectic soundscape blending melody and groove with ferocity and pace across an enchanting journey of scornful reflection and passionate declaration.

Rising up from a strong introduction of power-chords and riffs, Who You Are goes on to make fine use of long-form and shorter, snappier lines alike, as well as the crucial power of contrast between moments of weight and lightness.

Musically quite brilliant, Forever May Fall top of a purposeful songwriting core with alluring to mighty vocals from front-woman Jillyan “Fox” Brennan. The resulting sound invites listeners to immerse themselves in the sheer scream and emotion of the performance, connecting with personal experiences of disconnection and uncertainty in a way that both comforts and energizes.

Really well crafted, familiar but with more than a few twists of character that will no doubt resound across future releases from Forever May Fall.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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