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Flo Mix in a Water


Flo toys with time and space on this latest, creatively free single Mix in a Water. Fusing various elements of organic and electronic sound creation, the song grabs your attention from afar with its disjointed and seemingly defective stop and start intro. Slowly but surely, layers of jazz, trip hop and gentle soul begin to emerge – keeping you interested and involved at all times, offering a sense of musical warmth and a partly live sound that’s easy to appreciate.

Mix in a Water is a good-vibes track that follows its own rules. Where the experimental aspect has given the piece character and allowed it to stand out, those essential musical building blocks within present a clear knowledge of what works in composition, so there just as many addictive and satisfying riffs and flickers of colour as there are instances of the unexpected.

The track takes its time to kick in, but as suggested – this seems to work in its favour; you want to know where things are going. Following that, seductive dashes of guitar and calming vocals line the outer edges, and soon enough this jazz-cafe aura of simple good vibes envelops and soothes you.

From a production perspective, this approach is quickly refreshing. There are fragments of familiarity in the final set-up, but the track on the whole is a complete artistic representation of its own underlying sentiment. Additional moments are added into the mix one by one as the music pours through. A subtle but clever way to craft a soundscape, and a great introduction to the artist Flo – you can rely on this kind of release, in many settings. The prospect of a longer project is definitely something worth looking forward to – it will be interesting to see where else this creativity takes things.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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