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Fingertrick Thin Ice


Tennessee’s Fingertrick lead with a beautifully nostalgic and emotional approach to songwriting, and Thin Ice makes for a heartfelt and mighty introduction to their work.

Thin Ice is a powerful song that builds up slowly from a bare and intimate introduction to the full warmth and vibrancy of a soft-rock soundscape. Complete with delicate vocal harmonies and a poetic depth, the song connects in a genuine and passionate manner, feeling rooted in real experiences but also presented vaguely enough to make it a song for anyone. You can hear the truth and realness in the lead singer’s performance, and that melodic cry offers the perfect bit of understanding and escapism for those who are going through similar situations.

There’s a classic sound to this release that feels reminiscent of the likes of The Calling. Thin Ice is an anthem from the heart, and the way everything rises up helps reinforce the turmoil and emotion at its core. To listen loud is to feel the depth of the concept and to really share the moment with the band – ultimately gathering a level of togetherness, in that you’re not the only one going through this kind of thing. As is the role of a great song – it makes you feel understood, and a little less isolated for a while. A great sound, I look forward to hearing more from Fingertrick.

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Rebecca Cullen

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