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Finding September History


Finding September lead with intensely high energy levels on this EP release. The band offer pop sensibilities, memorable melodies, and a fast-paced, hard-hitting musicality that sky rockets their sound way further into punk than pop.

Summer Club as an introduction is an overwhelmingly high octane piece of music and performance that sees the band effectively fuse relatable delicacies with infectious rock vibrancy – all of which stands tall thanks to effective songwriting. The song connects and is accessible from the offset, even with such a quick tempo and so many layers of grit interwoven along the way. The singer keeps things grounded in some respects, maintaining a certain calmness but also carrying this meandering, varied melody-line through with flawless professionalism.

Inhibitions emerges with a little more of a grunge aura – power-chords and immense drum-work cascade around you. Again, the verses see intensity fall away as the vocals come through – that grounding force, that calm within the storm. It sounds great, rarely do you hear such a musically impressive rock core within such a thoughtful, reflective and catchy song. The various sections help keep you entertained and interested right the way through.

While the band offer musical brilliance throughout much of the EP, they also bare their personal truths in the songwriting. The effect of this is that there’s something for the solo rock fan to connect with – as they sit at home and escape into the music. The live show is undoubtedly where things really come alive, but for the listeners who turn to the band in their own time – the songs work just as well at being that go-to bit of comfort and understanding. The title-track is a particularly good example of this – the story-line makes no apologies, addressing the details with angst and overcoming intertwined. A mid-track instrumental pause reminds you of how good Finding September are at arranging and structuring songs that work hard for you right up to the end.

Softening the weight of the experience is a song called Darkest Greys. The band utilize a brief moment of piano-led quiet, before bursting into another distorted explosion of energy. The vocal still holds close to that optimism and delicacy implied by the intro though. The hook has a powerful sentiment about it, and a great melodic progression – again making this an easy piece to escape within whenever the world gets a little too noisy. A personal favourite from the project.

Let It Burn brings things to a finish with a vibe that perfectly meets that implied by its title. A chaotic, electronic-rock and metal soundscape rains down, followed by short and gritty vocal lines that pave the way towards a heavy roar of a hook. The band have taken the time to craft every one of these songs with precision, passion, and power. They have clear intentions, the performances underline musicians genuinely dedicated to the cause, and the overall sound is decidedly original right now – that intense pace contrasts really well with the considerate and often pop-like nature of the writing.

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