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Fight The Sun Animals


Melbourne trio Fight The Sun bring a much needed dose of heavy yet crisp and captivating rock music to your headphones this week. Animals gives off a sound that seems to represent far more than just the three musicians involved. The set up is simple, but the output is grand – a powerful sound, with a superb string of riffs and a perfect blending of the melodic and the distorted.

There’s a touch of grunge to the music, this wall of sound is immense and leaves no acoustic space within which your attention may wander. There is space within the track, but it’s well placed so as to intrigue you at just the right moments. The band take hold of your attention from the offset, and refuse to let go until it’s over.

The great thing about the way in which this track has been written and structured is that you do get those opening bars, that opening instrumental and the initial verse, to give yourself a clear and concise view of what the band and the song are hoping to express. Those opening riffs and that thick, live sounding drum beat provide the very essence of rock, then there’s the introduction to the leading vocal – a skillful and somewhat tentative beginning, later evolving and exploding as the music takes on it’s true colours at full throttle.

The thickness of the chorus section in this track is undeniable. The sound is big; everything you’d hope for in a rock band – the kind of sound that aches to be witnessed at a live show. At the same time though, the melody of that hook, as simple as it is, creates and maintains a sound and a strength that is almost impossible to forget. It’s catchy, for want of a better word, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

The key line spirals around in your mind as you listen, building and building with the music, until the whole thing ends and you realise that even in the aftermath of the audio – you’re still caught up in the song. A fantastic track, really highlighting the whole Fight The Sun sound under the best possible light. Make sure you turn it up loud.

The single is available from September 9th to download or stream. Find and follow Fight The Sun on Facebook, SoundcloudTwitter and Instagram – show your support, and check out their Website for more info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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