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Fernweher Horcrux


Following the impressively unique nature of his release Frozen BeautyFernweher returns with yet another artistically complex and thoughtful track entitled Horcrux. The concept is one of conflicting desires or belonging in two places at once. It’s a thought provoking story-line, and Fernweher presents it in an effectively fascinating manner but one that’s also musically satisfying and refreshingly original.

The opening moments bring through a Daft Punk level of electronic influence, but this is brief. What emerges afterwards is a softly seductive groove and a simultaneously dreamlike ambiance. On top of this, a mildly dark melody appears, and a series of lyrics that lay out well the emotion and these conflicting desires – seeing the singer want for comfort in both the world as a whole and the arms of a significant other. This is approached with depth and metaphor as a brilliantly long-form melody-line develops to reinforce each moment.

As the passion and the concept intensify, the music does so too – greatly so, seeing the whole thing become something of an alternative jungle track; rooted in EDM, yet still emotionally connected and relevant to its own need to belong and that contrasting desire to be free.

Fernweher has declared the release is openly inspired by the sounds of Björk’s single Crystalline. Among today’s musical landscape though, it appears with an easy to appreciate freshness. The journey is fantastic, considerate and unusual, offering a depth of thought you rarely come across in modern music. At the same time, the very idea behind it is expressed by means of every single element – not merely the lyrics, but the soundscape, the details, the vocal tone and the changing energy; the switch from the lower to the higher notes. There is nothing familiar or that seems particularly reminiscent of anything else, this just has Fernweher’s artistic identity written all over it. A superb single and a breath of fresh air to experience.

Horcrux is the second single from the EP The Son of The Black Ocean. Find & follow Fernweher on FacebookSoundcloudTwitterInstagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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